Bernadette WILLIAMS

Independent Historian

Research Interests:
Medieval: Ireland/ Annals / Franciscan / Dominican

Selected Publications:
The Annals of Ireland by Friar John Clyn (Dublin, 2007).

‘The Dominican annals of Dublin’. In Duffy, Seán (ed.), Medieval Dublin II : proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2000 (Dublin, 2001), 142-68.

‘”She was usually placed with the great men and leaders of the land in the public assemblies” – Alice Kyteler : a woman of considerable power’. In Meek, Christine (ed.), Women in renaissance and early modern Europe (Dublin, 2000), 67-83.

”Cursed be my parents’ : a view of marriage from the Lais of Marie de France’. In Meek, Christine; Simms, Katharine (ed.), “The fragility of her sex”? : medieval Irishwomen in their European context (Dublin, 1996), 73-86.

‘The chronicle of the kings of Man and the Isles’ In Duffy, Sean (ed.) New History of the Isle of Man, vol. 3 – Forthcoming

‘The “Kilkenny Chronicle”‘. In Barry, Terence B.; Frame, Robin; Simms, Katharine (ed.), Colony and frontier in medieval Ireland : essays presented to J.F. Lydon (London, 1995), 75-95.

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