Gregory TONER

Professor of Irish
Queen’s University Belfast

Research Interests:
Medieval Irish Language and Literature, Onomastics, Humanities Computing.

Select Publications:

• ‘Macha and the invention of myth’, in Ériu 60 (2010), 81-109

· ‘“Messe ocus Pangur Bán”: structure and cosmology’, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 57 (Summer 2009), 1-22

· ‘Scribe and text in Lebor na hUidre: H’s intentions and methodology’,  Ulidia 2: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Ulster Cycle of Tales, ed. R. Ó hUiginn & B. Ó Catháin (Maynooth 2009), 106-120

Bruiden Da Choca, Irish Texts Society, vol. 61, (London 2007)

• Gregory Toner, Maxim Fomin, Grigory Bondarenko, & Tom Torma, An electronic Dictionary of the Irish language (Dublin 2007)

• ‘Authority, verse and the transmission of senchas’, Ériu 55 (2005), 59-84

• Entries on ‘Mythological Cycle’, ‘Ulster Cycle’, and ‘Invasion Myth’, Medieval Ireland: An Encyclopedia, ed. Seán Duffy (New York 2005)

• ‘Baile: settlement and landholding in medieval Ireland’, Éigse 34 (2004),  25-43

• ‘Settlement and settlement terms in medieval Ireland: ráth and lios’, Ainm 8 (1998-2000 [2001]), 1-40

• ‘The Ulster Cycle: historiography or fiction?’, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 40 (Winter 2000), 1-20

• ‘Reconstructing the earliest Irish tale lists’, Éigse 32 (2000), 88-120

• ‘Identifying Ptolemy’s Irish places and tribes’, Ptolemy: towards a linguistic atlas of the earliest Celtic place-names of Europe: Papers from a workshop, sponsored by the British Academy, in the Department of Welsh, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, 11-12 April 1999, ed. David N. Parsons & Patrick Sims-Williams (2000), 73-82

Funded Projects:
Supplement to the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (2007-12). Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)

Electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (2003-07). Funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK).

Linking Dictionaries and Texts, with Prof. Donnchadh Ó Corráin, UCC; funded by Higher Education Authority.

Current Teaching:
Modern Irish; Irish dialects.

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