Catherine LAWLESS

Course Director of MA in History of Art and Architecture, and Curator of the University Visual Arts Collections
University of Limerick

Research Interests:
14th and 15th century Florentine Art, with a particular emphasis on religious and devotional imagery, the relationship between religious belief and representation, text and image, hagiography and iconography, and representation and gender.

Select Publications:
Victims or Viragos? Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe 4, ed. Christine Meek and Catherine Lawless (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2005)

Pawns or Players? Women in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe 3, ed. Christine Meek and Catherine Lawless (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003)

‘Myth, Ritual and Orthodoxy at San Marco: Cosimo de’ Medici and His Saints’, Cultural and Social History: The Journal of the Social History Society, vol.2, no.3 (2005), pp.274-299.

‘Women on the Margins’, in Pawns or Players? Women in late Medieval and early Modern Europe (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2003), pp.111-130.

‘”Widowhood was the Time of Her Greatest Perfection”: Sanctity, Gender and Florentine Art’, in Widowhood and Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe, ed. Allison Levy (Aldershot and Burlington: Ashgate, 2003), pp.20-39.

‘A Widow of God? Saint Anne and Representations of Widowhood in Fifteenth-Century Florence’, Women in Renaissance and Early Modern Europe, ed. Christine Meek (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2000), pp.15-42

Current Teaching:
Art, Devotion and Society in Renaissance Europe
Research Methods and Sources in the History of Art
Art, Enlightenment and Ideas of the Modern
Body, Piety and Imagery in Medieval Art

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