Retired Senior Lecturer, Fellow emeritus TCD.
Computer Science Department
Trinity College Dublin

Research Interests:
Computistics, chronology, annals, chronicles, Paschal tables and controversy, history of numbers and computation.

Selected Publications:
1. ‘The Chronology of the Irish Annals’, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 98C6 (1998) 203-255.

2. ‘The Status of the pre-Patrician Irish Annals’, Peritia 12 (1998) 98-152.

3. ‘The Chronology and Sources of the Early Irish Annals’, Early Medieval Europe 10:3 (2001) 323-41.

4. The ante-Nicene Christian Pasch: De ratione paschali – The Paschal tract of Anatolius, bishop of Laodicea, with A. Breen, (Dublin 2003), 200 pp. Four Courts Press, Dublin.

5. ‘Al-Khwarizmi’s sine tables and a Western table with the Hindu norm of R=150’ with J.G. Byrne, Archive for the History of Exact Sciences 57 (2003) 243–66.

6. ‘The Original Compilation of the Annals of Ulster‘, Studia Celtica XXXVIII (2004) 69–95.

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