Lecturer, Department of Hispanic Studies, Trinity College Dublin;
Research Associate, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Trinity College Dublin;
Coordinator, Forum for the Study of Early Modern Women in Continental Europe

Research Interests:

  • Golden-Age comedia and novela cortesana
  • women writers of early modern Spain, Portugal, and Colonial Latin America
  • comparative literature (with reference to France, Spain, and England)
  • religious writing in early modern Spain & Colonial Latin America
  • Spanish cinema & cinematic adaptations of literary texts

Select Publications:

Women in the Prose of María de Zayas (Woodbridge: Tamesis, 2010)

Edited Essay Collection
Early Modern Women of Vice, Virtue, and Authority (Aldershot: Ashgate) under review

‘Imagining an Early Modern Matria?  The Representation of Age in Zayas and Carvajal’, Forum for Modern Language Studies, 47/2 (2011) forthcoming

‘Personalizing the Political: The Habsburg Empire of María de Zayas’s Desengaños amorosos’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 88/3(2011) forthcoming

‘Locating the Diary of Persecuted Innocence: María de Zayas’s Adaptation of Hagiographic Historias’, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, 87 (2010) 3, 295-314

‘Games in ‘The Garden of Deceit’: A Seventeenth-Century Novella by María de Zayas y Sotomayor’, Modern Language Review, 104 (2009) 4, 955-965

Female Friendship Extolled: Exploring the Enduring Appeal of María de Zayas’s Novellas’, Romance Studies, 26 (January 2008) 1, 43–59

Tan amantes la una de la otra…Equivocatory Approaches to Sisterhood in the Novellas of María de Zayas’, in Reading Spanish and Latin American Literatures: New Directions in Research, ed. Nuala Finnegan & Martín Veiga (Cork: Department of Hispanic Studies, University College Cork, 2005), 37–50

Book Reviews
Allyson M. Poska, Women and Authority in Early Modern Spain. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 85 (2008) 6, 900-901

Margaret Rich Greer & Elizabeth Rhodes, Exemplary Tales of Love and Tales of Disillusion, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, forthcoming

Current Teaching:
Early Modern Women of the Spanish Empire
Don Quijote

Short Stories of the Spanish Golden Age
Literatures of the Americas
Comparative Literature
Spanish Film Studies

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