Francis (Frank) Ludlow

Carson Fellow, 2013-2014
Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2016
Yale Climate & Energy Institute
Yale University


Research Interests:
Historical climatology – Irish climate – weather and climatic extremes – impacts of extremes on society and the biosphere – Early Christian, medieval and early modern Irish society and economy – famine – harvest failure – time and chronology – dendrochronology – ice cores – volcanic impact on climate – environmental archaeology – the Irish annals – perception of weather extremes and natural phenomena in historical sources.

Select Publications:

Ludlow, F., Stine, A. R., Leahy, P., Murphy, E., Mayewski, P., Taylor, D., Killen, J., Baillie, M., Hennessy, M. and Kiely, G. , “Medieval Irish Chronicles Reveal Persistent Volcanic Forcing of Severe Winter Cold Events, 431-1649 CE”, Environmental Research Letters, 8/2 (2013),  L024035, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/8/2/024035

Usoskin, I. G., Kromer, B., Ludlow, F., Beer, J., Friedrich, M., Kovaltsov, G. A., Solanki, S. K. and Wacker, L., “The AD775 Cosmic Event Revisited: The Sun is to Blame”, Astronomy & Astrophysics (2013),p.  553, L3, doi: 10.1051/0004-6361/201321080.

Ludlow, F., Adelman, J. and Holm, P. , “Environmental History in Ireland”, Environment and History, 19/2 (2013), pp. 247-252, doi: 10.3197/096734013X13642082568732.

Ludlow, F., “Assessing Non-Climatic Influences on the Record of Extreme Weather Events in the Irish Annals”, In: Duffy, P. J. and Nolan, W. (eds.), At the Anvil: Essays in Honour of William J. Smyth. Dublin: Geography Publications (2012),  pp. 93-133.

Ludlow, F., Dickson, D. and Holm, P. (2010) “Audit of Research Activity in Irish Environmental History.” Published online by the Irish Environmental History Network, 02/02/10.


Kiely, G., Leahy, P., Ludlow, F, Stefanini, B, Reilly, E. and Monk, M. (2010) Extreme Weather, Climate and Natural Disasters in Ireland. Synthesis Report. Climate Change Research Programme (CCRP) 2007-2013. Report Series No. 5 (2010). Johnstown Castle, Wexford: Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland.

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