Medieval History Research Centre
Trinity College Dublin

Research Interests:

  • Music in Ireland to c. 1600
  • Liturgical cults of Irish saints
  • Medieval song
  • Historically informed performance
  • Patronage, politics and the social contexts of music in Medieval Europe

Select Publications:


 ‘Nobilitate vigens Furseus’. The Medieval Office of St Fursey (Fursey Pilgrims: Norwich, 2013).

Music, Dance and Society: Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Memory of Ingrid G. Brainard, edd. Ann Buckley and Cynthia Cyrus. Medieval Institute Publications, Western Michigan University (2011)

Études de langue et de littérature romanes offertes à Peter T. Ricketts à l’occasion de son 70ème anniversaire, ed. Dominique Billy and Ann Buckley (Brepols: Turnhout, 2005)

In progress
Letetur Hibernia! Music, Liturgy and the Veneration of  Irish Saints in Medieval Europe, ed. Ann Buckley (Brepols: Turnhout – forthcoming)

Book Chapters

‘Wandering Scholars and Saintly Cults: the liturgical legacy’, in Helen Waddell Reassessed, ed. Jennifer FitzGerald (Peter Lang: Oxford, 2014), pp. 63–80.

Abelard’s Planctus virginum Israel super filia Iepte Galadite and Li lais des puceles.’ In Dominique Billy and Ann Buckley edd., Études de langue et de littérature romanes offertes à Peter T. Ricketts à l’occasion de son 70ème anniversaire. (Brepols: Turnhout, 2005), 545–570.

‘Music in Ireland to c.1500.’ In A New History of Ireland, I: Prehistoric and Early Ireland, ed. Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, under the auspices of The Royal Irish Academy (Oxford University Press: Oxford, 2005), 744–813.

‘The Musical Instruments depicted at Clare Island’, in A New Survey of Clare Island, 4: The Abbey, ed. Conleth Manning, Paul Gosling and John Waddell (Royal Irish Academy: Dublin, 2005), 123–132.


Contributor to The Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland, gen. eds, Harry White and Barra Boydell (UCD Press: Dublin, 2013).

Contributor to The Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology, ed. E.R. Watson and Emma Hornby (The Canterbury Press: Norwich, 2013); online publication.

Funded Projects:
An Historical Typology of Irish Song: Transmission, Performance and Cultural Memory.
School of English, QUB, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

Courses Taught:

  • Introduction to Medieval Latin Song, c.900 – c.1400
  • Medieval Song
  • Song and Society in Medieval Europe
  • Music in Medieval Ireland

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