Anthony HARVEY

Editor, Dictionary of Medieval Latin from Celtic Sources (DMLCS)
Royal Irish Academy

Research Interests:
• Application of computers to dictionary-making (see webpage above)
• Medieval Latin and Celtic literacy and linguistics
• Modern Celtic languages

Select Publications:
The Non-Classical Lexicon of Celtic Latinity, vol. I: Letters A to H (Turnhout, 2005) (with J. Power).

Royal Irish Academy Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature (ACLL), developed and expanded edition (full-text database, release 2.1 on line with Brepolis, 2008) (with A. Malthouse).

• “The Non-Classical Vocabulary of Celtic-Latin Literature: An Overview”, peer-reviewed article on line (2008).

• “Some Observations on Celtic-Latin Name Formation”, in Ildánach Ildírech: A Festschrift for Proinsias Mac Cana, ed. J. Carey et al. (Andover [MA] & Aberystwyth, 1999), 53–62.

• “Retrieving the Pronunciation of Early Insular Celtic Scribes: Towards a Methodology”, Celtica 21 (1990), 178-90.

Funded Projects:
St Patrick’s Confessio HyperText Stack Project (funded under PRTLI-4).

Scriptores Celtigenae (Medieval Latin texts series funded by Brepols and the Irish Biblical Association).

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