Bláithín HURLEY

Department of Adult and Continuing Education
University College Cork

Research Interests:
Musical performance within the social context of Renaissance Venice.
My research to date has investigated access to musical tuition and musical instruments for amateur musicians, especially women, as well as the distribution of musical instruments across social and gender divides.

Current Teaching:
From the Divine to the Secular: Music and Culture in Renaissance Italy

This course is an introduction to the music and culture of Italy throughout the early-modern period. Over the course of 8 weeks you will learn about the people who visited, worked and lived in Renaissance Italy and the role music and art played in their public and private lives. Through this music and art we will learn about religious, stately and courtly processions; academies wherein artistic and cultural issues of the day were discussed; consider the entertainment provided by amateur musicians in their homes; watch the tentative beginnings of modern-day opera and try not to be too scandalised by the musical diversion provided by courtesans. By choosing this time period we learn how music left the divine realm of churches and religious institutions to become an integral part of the secular world of palazzi, academies and theatres.

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