School of History and Archives
University College Dublin

Research Interests:
The political and social history of the north Italian city-communes in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Communal origins, war, diplomacy, authority, representation, city leagues, civic identity and historical writing. The history of the crusades in Italy and in Ireland.

I am currently editing a collection of essays on the theme of ‘Travel and Movement in Medieval Italy’ and working on articles on the tenth century bishop/chronicler Liutprand of Cremona and on relations between the Papacy and the Lombard League c. 1160-80. I am also engaged on a longer-term project on the city of Cremona that will result in a book-length study entitled City and Community in Medieval Lombardy. Cremona, 800-1200.

Selected Publications:
‘Sense of community and civic identity in the Italian communes’ in J.Hill, M.Swann, eds., The community, the family and the saint; patterns of power in early Medieval Europe (Turnhout, 1998), 45-60.

‘The Italian Communes. Recent work and current trends’, Journal of Medieval History, 25 (1999), 373-97.

‘The Lombard League. History and Myth’ in J.Devlin, H.B.Clarke, eds., European Encounters. Essays in memory of Albert Lovett (Dublin, 2003), 22-45.

‘ Representative assemblies in communal Italy’, in P.S.Barnwell, M.Mostert, eds., Political assemblies in the Earlier Middle Ages (Turnhout, 2003), 193-210.

‘ Sicard of Cremona as legate of Innocent III in Lombardy’, in A.Sommerlechner, ed., Innocenzo III. Urbs et Orbis, 2 vols. (Rome, 2003), II: 929-53.

‘Cities and Communes’, in D.Abulafia, ed., Italy in the central Middle Ages, The Shorter Oxford History of Italy, vol.2 (Oxford, 2004), 27-57.

Current Teaching:
I am involved in teaching at all four stages in the History degree at UCD, with responsibility for the design, delivery and assessment of the following courses:
– Level One: The Making of Europe: High Middle Ages, 1000-1500 [co-taught]
– Level Two: The Italian City States 1050-1350
– Level Three: The Crusades
– Level Four: MA in Medieval Studies [team taught]

I have supervised MA dissertations on a wide range of topics in recent years including the Crusades, Merovingian, Ottonian and Hohenstaufen politics, queenship, heresy and liturgy. I have also supervised two MLitt theses and acted as PhD external examiner for the University of a Cambridge.

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