Marie Therese FLANAGAN

Professor of Medieval History
School of History and Anthropology
Queen’s University Belfast

Research Interests:
Political and religious history of twelfth-century Ireland, Gaelic and Anglo-Norman

Selected Publications:
• ‘Devotional images and their uses in the twelfth-century Irish church: the crucifix of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Dublin, and Archbishop John Cumin’ in H. B. Clarke and S. Phillips (eds), Ireland, England and the Continent in the Middle Ages and Beyond: essays in memory of a turbulent friar (University College Dublin Press, 2006), pp. 67-87.

Latin charters of Irish kings: texts and contexts (Oxford University Press, 2005).

• ‘Irish royal charters and the Cistercian order’ in M. T. Flanagan and J. A. Green (eds.), Changing charters: charters and charter scholarship in Britain and Ireland (Palgrave Macmillan, 2005), pp 120-39.

• ‘High-kings with opposition, 1072-1166’ in D. Ó Cróinín (ed.), New History of Ireland, I: Prehistoric and early Ireland (Oxford University Press, 2005), pp 899-933.

Irish society, Anglo-Norman settlers, Angevin kingship: interactions in Ireland in the late twelfth century (Oxford University Press, 1989).

Current Teaching:
Irish history, 400-1200
Medieval Europe, 1000-1300

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