Senior lecturer in medieval archaeology
Queen’s University Belfast

Research Interests:
1. Medieval buildings. The development of the structure and form of buildings in England in the crucial period between AD 900 and 1250.

2. Development of rural landscapes. Recent work includes a study of evolution of early medieval settlement in woodlands and a new examination of transformation of marshlands in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Current work looks at systems of land allocation in medieval England

3. Fishing and trading places. My most recent work is on the operation of fishing and trade in Iceland in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in conjunction with Natascha Mehler (Romisch-Germanische Kommission and the University of Vienna) Conor Graham (Queen’s University Belfast) and the Forleifastofnun Islands.

Selected Publications:
M. F. Gardiner and N. Mehler. forthcoming 2008. ‘English and Hanseatic trading and fishing in medieval Iceland: a report on initial work’, Germania 85

M. F. Gardiner. 2007. ‘The origins and persistence of manor houses in England’, in M. F. Gardiner and S. Rippon (eds), Medieval Landscapes (Landscape History after Hoskins, 2), 170-82. Macclesfield: Windgather Press.

M. F. Gardiner. 2007. ‘Hythes, small ports and other landing places in later medieval England’, in J. Blair (ed.), Water Transport and Management in Medieval England, 85-109. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

M. F. Gardiner. 2007. ‘The transformation of marshlands in Anglo-Norman England’, Anglo-Norman England 29, 35-50.

M. F. Gardiner. 2006. ‘Implements and utensils in Gerefa, and the organization of seigneurial farmsteads in the High Middle Ages’, Medieval Archaeology 50, 260-67.

D. Chatwin and M. F. Gardiner. 2006. ‘Rethinking the early medieval settlement of woodlands: evidence from the western Sussex Weald’, Landscape History 27, 31-49

Current Teaching:
First year course on medieval archaeology in Europe
Third year undergraduate course on medieval settlement in Britain

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