Research Fellow
Department of History
Trinity College Dublin

Research Interests:
Peter’s research explores the political and social history of later medieval Ireland. His work places the Irish experience of lordship and colonialism in the broader context of Britain and continental Europe. He is currently preparing a monograph on English political culture in Ireland, c. 1361–1422 and is editor of Government, War and Society in medieval Ireland: Essays by Edmund Curtis, A.J. Otway-Ruthven and James Lydon (Dublin 2008).

Select Publications:
‘State of the Union: Perspectives on English Imperialism in the Late Middle Ages’, Past and Present (forthcoming, 2010)

‘Representation and Dissent: “Parliamentarianism” and the Structure of Politics in English Ireland, c. 1370-1420’, The English Historical Review, cxxv, no. 512 (Feb. 2010), pp. 1-34

‘Reconstructing the past: the case of the medieval Irish chancery rolls’ in Norma Dawson and Felix Larkin (eds), Irish Legal History Society Discourses (Four Courts: Dublin, 2010 [forthcoming]) [Notes: includes appendix entitled ‘A revised inventory and concordance of the medieval Irish chancery rolls’]

‘Medieval Ireland and the wider world’, Studia Hibernica, xxxv (2009), pp. 167-86

‘Negotiating Authority in a Colonial Capital: Dublin and the Windsor Crisis, c.1369-78’ in S. Duffy (ed.) , Medieval Dublin IX: Proceedings of the Friends of Medieval Dublin Symposium 2007 (Four Courts: Dublin, 2009), pp. 131-51

Peter Crooks (ed.), Government, War and Society in Medieval Ireland: Essays by Edmund Curtis, A.J. Otway-Ruthven and James Lydon, Dublin: Four Courts, 2008

‘The Lecky Professors’ in Crooks (ed.) , Government, War and Society in Medieval Ireland: Essays by Edmund Curtis, Jocelyn Otway-Ruthven and James Lydon (Dublin , 2008), pp. 23 – 53

Peter Crooks, ‘The Background to the Arrest of the Fifth Earl of Kildare and Sir Christopher Preston in 1418: A Missing Membrane’, Analecta Hibernica, Including the Report of the Irish Manuscripts Commission, 40, 2008, p1 – 15
Notes: [Edition of National Archives, U.K. [P.R.O.], E 101/698/34, a stray membrane of the document published by Professor A. J. Otway-Ruthven under the title, ‘The Background to the Arrest of Sir Christopher Preston in 1418’, Analecta Hibernica, no. 29 (1980).]

‘The “Calculus of Faction” and Richard II’s Duchy of Ireland’ in Nigel Saul (ed.), Fourteenth Century England V (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 2008) pp. 94 – 115

‘Factions, feuds and noble power in late medieval Ireland, c. 1356-1496’, Irish Historical Studies, 35:140 (2007), pp. 425 – 454

“Hobbes”, “dogs” and politics in the Ireland of Lionel of Antwerp, c. 1361-6: The Denis Bethell Prize Essay 2005′, The Haskins Society Journal: Studies in Medieval History, ed. Stephen Morillo, xvi, (2005), pp. 117 – 148

Peter Crooks, ‘ “Divide and rule”: factionalism as royal policy in the lordship of Ireland, c. 1171-1265’, Peritia: the Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland, xix (2005), pp. 263 – 307

Funded Projects:

The Irish Chancery Project (Deputy Director)

Courses Taught:

Medieval Britain and Ireland

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