Raymond J. CORMIER

Visiting Professor (and Independent Scholar)
Department of English and Modern Languages
Longwood University, VA
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Research Interests:
Medieval Comparative Literature (French, Latin, Celtic)

Select Publications:
1) “The Folly of Wisdom
by Eochaidh O Héodhusa.” Quartet 2, No. 14 (1966):16-17. [Translated from the Middle Irish.]

2) “Tom Peete Cross: An American Celticist (1879-1951).” Eire-Ireland 5 (1970): 112-114.

3) “Pagan Shame or Christian Modesty?” Celtica (Dublin) 14 (1981): 43-46. [On line 814, Táin Bó Cúailgne Rec. I.]

4) “L’Épopée irlandaise médiévale, anonyme et orale.” VIIIe Congresso de la Société Rencesvals, Pamplona-Santiago, 1978. Pamplona: Diputación Floral de Navarra/ Institución Principe de Viana, 1981. 87-91. [Written in French.]

5) Irish Sagas. Companion to Pre-1600 British Poetry. Ed. Michelle M. Sauer. New York: Facts on File, 2008. Pages 154-155

Current Teaching:
(a selection):

At Longwood Univ: Engl. 442/542 (Regional Lit.)-“Intro. to Medieval Celtic Literature,” spring 2002

“The Realms of King Arthur” (Brittany, Cornwall and Wales), Two-Week+, Study Abroad course, team-taught, May 2007

“The Arthurian Legends,” Engl. 611, graduate course, online, scheduled for summer, 2009.

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