Dublin City Archaeologist

Research Interests:

  • The archaeology of Viking Age Ireland
  • Viking Age Dublin
  • Early medieval Irish art
  • Irish motif-pieces & fine metalwork
  • Archaeological archives
  • Cultural resource and industrial heritage management
  • Urban archaeology, piling & preservation in situ
  • Planning archaeology in Ireland

Select Publications:

‘Motif Pieces from Dublin’, National Museum of Ireland Medieval Dublin Excavations 1962-81, Series B (forthcoming 2015)

‘Viking Art in Ireland’, in R. Moss (ed.), Dictionary of Irish Art, (Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, forthcoming 2012 )

H. Clarke, S. Dooley & R. Johnson, Dublinia: Dublin in the Viking World, (Dublin??: O’Brien Press) forthcoming 2011

‘Two Decorated Wooden Weaving Swords’, North Munster Antiquarian Journal (forthcoming)

‘Towards a planning strategy for the industrial heritage of Dublin City’,  Archaeology of Irish Industry: recent excavations’ (Place?? IHAI?? 2009

‘A descriptive account of the decoration the early medieval shrine known as the Corp Naomh’, in C. Corlett & T. Condit (eds.), Above & Beyond: Essays in Memory of Leo Swan (Place? Wordwell 2005)

Viking Age Dublin (Dublin, Townhouse 2004)

H. Clarke, S. Dent & R. Johnson, Dublinia: The Story of Medieval Dublin, (Dublin: O’Brien Press 2002)

H. Clarke, R. Johnson & L. Simpson,Walks around Medieval Dublin’, ??DCC 2004.

‘Domestic art in Viking Age Dublin’, in Medieval Dublin III, S. Duffy (ed.) 2001.

‘The development of Irish brooch forms and pins in the Viking age, c.850-1170′ Peritia 15 (2001)

‘On the dating of some early-medieval Irish crosiers’, Medieval Archaeology 2000.

‘Ballinderry Crannóg No.1: A Reinterpretation’ in Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy vol. 99 C, 1999.

‘Irish Crucifixion Plaques – Viking Age or Romanesque?’ Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 1998.

Funded Projects:

Dublin City Walls Conservation Plan 2004
St Luke’s Conservation Plan 2005
Dublin City Industrial Heritage Record (DCIHR) 2006
Dublin City Archaeological Archives 2007
Medieval Dublin: an archaeological research framework INSTAR 2008
Newmarket & Weaver’s Square 2009
Medieval Dublin: from Vikings to Tudors DVD 2009
Tales of Medieval Dublin Lecture Series 2010
Wood Quay Oral History Project 2010
Motif pieces from Viking Age Dublin 2011
Midlands Viking Symposium 2011

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