Assistant Editor eDIL
School of Irish and Celtic Studies
Queen’s University Belfast

Research Interests:

  • medieval texts and editorial method
  • the Gaelic manuscript heritage, historical linguistics and lexicography
  • erotic and anti-erotic literature
  • digital humanities

Select Publica tions:
Cóir Anmann: A Late Middle Irish Treatise on Personal Names, 2 vols, Irish Texts Society 59 and 60, London, 2005, 2007

(with Geraldine Parsons), The Gaelic Finn Tradition. Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2012

(with Kaarina Hollo), Fil súil nglais/A Grey Eye Looks Back: A Festschrift in Honour of Colm Ó Baoill, Ceann Drochaid, Perthshire, 2007

‘Finn, Ferchess and the rincne: Versions Compared’ in Sharon Arbuthnot and Geraldine Parsons (eds), The Gaelic Finn Tradition (Dublin, 2012), 62-80

‘Obscurities in Dúil Dromma Cetta: Insights into a Lost Exemplar and Form-Oriented Scribing’, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 59 (2010), 19-37

‘Further to the Drink of ,Death’, Éigse 37 (2010), 134-41

‘The Copy of Cóir Anmann in NLS Adv. MS 72.1.7: Alphabetical Arrangements, Answers and Implications’, Scottish Gaelic Studies 24 (2009), 1-21

‘Glossary Entries, DIL and the Struggle with Meaning: Some Case Studies’, Studia Celtica 42 (2008), 117-34

‘Glossary Entries on anart “a shroud”, the Drink of Death, and the Conjunction dath “because”’, Caindel Alban: Fèill-Sgrìobhainn do Dhòmhnall E Meek/Scottish Gaelic Studies XXIV (2008), 39-51

‘Medieval Etymology, Knives, Scone and Skene’, Scottish Gaelic Studies 23 (2007), 1-20

‘Some Accretions to Genealogical Material in a Manuscript Boxed with the Book of Leinster’, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 55 (2007), 57-67

‘A Note on ce(a)s “coracle”’, Scottish Gaelic Studies 22 (2006), 87-94

‘Medieval Irish Compilation: Conservatism and Creativity’, in Medieval Manuscripts in Transition: Tradition and Creative Recycling, eds. Geert H. M. Claassens and Werner Verbeke (Leuven, 2006), 1-12

‘On the Name Oscar and Two Little-Known Episodes Involving the fían’, Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies 51 (2006), 67-81

Funded Projects:
Supplement to the electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (2007-13) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Early Irish Glossaries Project (2006-9) funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

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