Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of History
Trinity College Dublin

Research Interests:

  • Social and Cultural History
  • Late Medieval and Early Modern Ireland
  • Women’s history

Select Publications:

‘Irish clergy and the diocesan church in the “four obedient shires” of Ireland, 1399-1534’, in Irish Historical Studies, 154 (Nov. 2014).

‘Intermarriage in fifteenth-century Ireland: the English and Irish in the “four obedient shires”‘, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C, Volume 113 (2013), 219-50.

‘Ashamed of their very English names? Identity and the use of Irish names by the English of late medieval Ireland’, in Gabriela Signori and Christof Rolker (eds), Umstrittene Zugehörigkeit(en). Spätmittelalterliche Praktiken der Namengebung im europäischen Vergleich (Konstanz, 2010), 131-48.

‘Gaelicisation and cultural exchange in late medieval Dublin’, Medieval Dublin X (2010), 287-98.

Funded Projects:
2012-2013 Identity and cultural exchange in English Ireland, 1399-1534.
Postdoctoral fellowship funded by the Irish Research Council

 2008-2011 Gaelicisation and identity in the ‘four obedient shires’ of Ireland, 1399-1534. Funded as a Government of Ireland Post-Graduate Scholar by the Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS – now the Irish  Research Council).

Current Teaching:
Accommodation, resistance, and the last stronghold of Gaelic power: The O’Neill dynasty c. 1400-1607.

The English of medieval Ireland: historiography, identity and interpretation c. 1550-2013.

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