Medieval and Renaissance digital humanities / electronic / hypertext research projects online, worldwide (including Irish projects, which are also listed under  IRELAND: MEDIEVAL & RENAISSANCE RESOURCES). Mainly projects using the TEI encoding scheme (ex. CELT here in Ireland), marked-up text, and relational databases. May well be of rather a narrow focus (ex. the Princeton Charrette Project). All are FREE AND OPENLY/PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE – even if one may need to sign up to get a password.
All of these hyperprojects are also listed in MEDIEVAL & RENAISSANCE RESOURCES (WORLDWIDE) and in ALL LINKS (ALPHABETICAL LIST); this present separate list of them is to show good examples of current practice (for those contemplating putting together new projects), and to act as a showcase for the sheer breadth and depth of Medieval and Renaissance hyperprojects. Not only is this a rich field, it’s also a lively one, and at the cutting edge of digital humanities research.
[Juliet O’Brien is maintaining a “mirror version” of the FMRSI ‘s online resources over at meta meta medieval; you are most welcome to peruse, use, and indeed copy and paste whatever is useful there. Both versions will be identical through Spring 2009, and thereafter only the meta meta medieval version will be maintained by her. ]


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