New Medievalising Blog

Your Administratrix has a new blog, writing as Obrienatrix:

Meta meta medieval


Much of her “more personal” or subjective / opinionated / researched material – essentially, anything containing intellectual-property-content – from here has now moved over there. Interpreted loosely: I’m viewing the brain-work that went into designing and building the Forum as belonging to the Forum – to all the co-ordinators and to the members. [And that will be the last Admin-“voice” comment here.]

What’s moved:

  • and other posts (only those by her, I should stress) on the VILLAGE GREEN
  • work on categorising ONLINE RESOURCES – though the alphabetical list is still here, plus links to the MMM versions
  • some of the sillier CFP and other announcements (these tend to have quite a bit of research behind them).

She has tried to replace content with links as far as possible, but as she is only human, there may be the odd glitch. Please do let her know should you spot anything dramatically amiss.

This is mainly due to moving to Canada this summer, and consequently gradually reducing her Forum activities.
Rest assured: normal service on collecting and advertising jobs and events will continue as before, for as long as need be, however long that might be. There will be no leaving of people in the lurch!

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