May 2010


MAY 2010 

 5 MAY 

‘from Medieval to Renaissance Latin …’, Ad Fontes Project, UCC, 5 May 2010.

5 – 7 MAY 

Mediterranean Maritime History Network (MMHN); Izmir, Turkey. 

8 MAY  

New Light in Dark Places: Recent Discoveries & New Directions in Anglo-Saxon Studies, Courtauld. 

8 – 10 MAY  

Renaissance Society of America conference, Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. 

13 – 16 MAY 

45th International Congress on Medieval Studies, University of Western Michigan-Kalamazoo. 

14 MAY 

Deadline for proposals: The Role of Death, Burial and Afterlife in Shaping Human Identity, UCD, 25-26 September 2010.

 14 – 15 MAY 

Celebrating 60 years of Celtic Studies at Uppsala, Societas Celtologica Nordica, Uppsala. 

15 MAY  

Deadline for proposals: Richard FitzRalph: His Life, Times, and Thought. NUIM, November 15-17 2010.

19 – 20 MAY 

Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium, UCD. 

Chaucer at Galway, NUI Galway. 

20 MAY

The Northern and Southern Netherlands as a Literary and Cultural ‘Entrepôt’ for Seventeenth-Century British Letters,1603-1688, Ghent University.

20 – 21 MAY

The Book in 15th and 16th century Spain and Portugal, UCD.

20 – 22 MAY 

Editing Medieval Texts from Britain in the Twenty-First Century, St Anne’s College, Oxford. 

22 MAY 

Friends of Medieval Dublin, 12th Medieval Dublin Symposium, TCD.

28 MAY

Lecture by Dr Oliver Creighton, ‘Designs upon the Land’, TCD.

28 – 29 MAY

Space and settlement in the Middle Ages, TCD.

31 MAY 

Deadline for proposals: Biblical Women: Reading and writing in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, Queen’s University, Belfast, 10-11 September 2010. 

Deadline for proposals: 15th Workshop-Congress on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, 15-17 November 2010.

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