Event: ‘Staging Transgression in the Early Modern Period’, TCD, 6-7 August

‘Staging Transgression in the Early Modern Period’,
6th-7th August 2010

‘Staging Transgression in the Early Modern Period’ is taking place in Trinity College Dublin this Friday and Saturday. The conference begins at 12.30pm in room 4050a on the 4th floor of the Arts and Humanities Building.

In recent years, early modern literary criticism has shown a marked interest in the concept of what constitutes transgression, the liminal and the marginal. Actions understood as transgressive were acted out on stage and described in sermons, conduct manuals, ballads, jest-books and other ‘cheap print’. Developing from this early modern literary fascination and building upon recent critical material on the subject, a two-day conference will take place in Trinity College Dublin on August 6th and 7th 2010 exploring the representation and performance of transgression in Tudor and Stuart literature. The conference is an inter-institutional collaboration organised between Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin, and it aims to interrogate the early modern period’s insistent awareness of transgressive persons, places and things, deviant behaviours and communities. We invite papers that examine literary engagements with transgression in all its forms, from minor to severe violations of social, cultural, legal, political and religious norms and rules.

Please click for conference poster and schedule.

The event has attracted around twenty speakers from around the globe, and we hope that it will be an exciting exchange of ideas and current research on this topic.

There is no conference fee, and all are welcome to attend. Please note that the Nassau St. entrance is closed at the moment, so attendees can enter through the college’s front gates. This event is kindly supported by The School of English at Trinity College Dublin, The School of English, Drama and Film at University College Dublin, and The Society for Renaissance Studies.

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