CFP: Performance Studies Network International Conference, University of Cambridge, 14-17 July 2011

Closing date for proposals: 3pm 1st December 2010

Performance Studies Network International Conference
AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP)
University of Cambridge, 14-17 July 2011

CMPCP’s Performance Studies Network will hold its first International Conference at the University of Cambridge from 14 to 17 July 2011. The main conference events will be held at the Faculty of Music, 11 West Road; delegates will be accommodated at nearby Robinson College, where other events will also take place. Professor Keith Sawyer will present a Plenary Paper on aspects of creativity, and delegates will be able to  attend a concert by the renowned Endellion Quartet on Friday 15 July as well as other performances scattered through the conference programme. On 16 July, a conference dinner and ‘Total Performance Event’ will be held at Robinson College.

Proposals are invited for individual papers, research reports, special sessions, and posters on any topic in the field of music performance studies which directly or indirectly addresses one or more of CMPCP’s key research questions:    

*How is musical performance creative, and what knowledge is creatively embodied in musical performance?
*How does music in performance, and indeed the very act of performance, take shape over time?
*How does understanding musical performance as a creative practice varyacross different global contexts, idioms and performance    conditions (such as solo and ensemble, in the rehearsal room, recording studio and concert hall)?
* In what ways is creativity distributed across the conventional categories of composition, performance and improvisation?

The following areas are of particular interest to the Programme Committee:

    * Methodologies for the study of live performance
    * Ethnographies of performance
    * Issues surrounding rehearsal
    * Issues surrounding the performance of contemporary music
    * Discourses about performance
    * Performance in cross-cultural contexts
    * Improvisation
    * The teaching of creative performance

Duration of presentations
    * Individual papers: up to 30 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion
    * Research reports: up to 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of discussion
    * Special sessions: approximately 90 minutes in total, including discussion

All proposals should fully and clearly describe the topic of the presentation and should include the following information:

    * Background
    * Research questions
    * Aims
    * Summary of content
    * Significance

For individual papers, research reports and posters, a proposal of c.500 words should be submitted; in the case of special sessions, the proposal
should be c.1,200 words. Please indicate whether or not the presentation will involve live performance, and if so what instruments and repertoires are envisaged. In all cases provide a cover sheet with the following information:

    * Name, postal and email addresses, and institutional affiliation of proposer
    * Names, addresses and institutional affiliation(s) of other participants where relevant (e.g. special sessions)
    * Type of submission (i.e. individual paper, research report, special session, poster)
    * AV requirements
    * Special requests for space/equipment for performance during the paper/session

No names or other identifying information should appear on the proposals themselves except in the case of special sessions where relevant.


Proposals should be submitted by 3 pm GMT on Wednesday 1 December. They should be sent by attachment (Word or PDF files only) to Kerri French, CMPCP Coordinator, at Late proposals will not be accepted.

Programme and registration

The conference programme will be announced in January 2011. Pre-registration forms will be available on the CMPCP website ( from 1November 2010; the total conference package, including accommodation, meals and performance events, will be approximately £380 for those registering early.

Further information can be obtained from Kerri French ( or Professor John Rink, CMPCP Director (

Programme Committee: John Rink (Chair), Eric Clarke, Nicholas Cook, Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, Tina K. Ramnarine

Conference Administrator: Kerri French

CMPCP webpage:

Conference webpage:

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