Event: 29th International Conference, Haskins Society, Boston College, 5-7 November 2010

29th International Conference,
Haskins Society
Boston College
5-7 November 2010

The Charles Homer Haskins Society for Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman and Angevin History extends its warmest invitation to members and friends (old and new) to join us for the 29th International Conference, now settling into its new home at Boston College. As ever, we will be gathering for a buffet of premier scholarship and conviviality.

An industrious team at Boston College have spent much of the summer preparing for the conference, and the fruits of their labors are to be found at the new conference blog: haskinsatbostoncollege.blogspot.com. The blog is an exceptionally rich source of information on how to get oriented to Boston College, the city, and its many offerings. Should anyone have questions which are not answered here or at the blog, please e-mail the Conference staff at haskinsatbostoncollege@gmail.com for definitive information. 

Full conference programme click here.

Featured Speakers include:

Paul Fouracre is Professor of Medieval History at the University of Manchester.  His publications include  (with Wendy Davies), The Settlement of Disputes in Early Medieval Europe (Cambridge, 1986); (with Wendy Davies), Property and Powerin the Early Middle Ages (Cambridge, 1995), (with R. Gerberding); History and Hagiography in late Merovingian France (Manchester, 1996); and The Age of Charles Martel (London, 2000).

Herbert Kessler is Professor of the History of Art at Johns Hopkins University.  His most recent books include (with Paul E. Dutton) The Poetry and Paintings in the First Bible of Charles the Bald (Ann Arbor, 1997); (with Johanna Zacharias) Rome 1300: On the Path of the Pilgrim (New Haven, 2000); Seeing Medieval Art (Peterborough, Ont., 2004); Neither God nor Man. Texts, Pictures, and the Anxiety of Medieval Art (Freiburg im Breisgau, 2007)

Véronique Gazeau is Professor of Medieval History at  Université de Caen, Basse-Normandie.  Her most recent books include Guillaume de Volpiano, un réformateur en son temps (962-1031): Vita domni Willelmi de Raoul Glaber (Caen, 2008); (with Pierre Bauduin and Yves Modéran), Identité et ethnicité : concepts, débats historiographiques, exemples (IIIe-XIIe siècle) (Caen, 2008); (with Anne-Marie Flambard Héricher), 1204, la Normandie entre Plantagenêts et Capétiens (Caen, 2007); (with Jean-Marie Augustin), Coutumes, doctrine et droit savant: colloque des 20 et 21 octobre 2006 (Paris, 2007); and Normannia monastica (Caen, 2007)

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