November 2010


3 – 4 November

Interdisciplinary PhD Course in Viking Studies, Aarhus University.

5 November

5 – 7 November

29th International Conference, Haskins Society, Boston College.

6 November

The Joint Twelfth Annual Irish Texts Society Seminar/Third International Conference on the Early Medieval Toponymy of Ireland and Scotland, UCC.

8 November

Prof. Muiris O’Sullivan, ‘From Gordon Childe to Mr. Men Ties’, UCD Archaeology Society.

9 November

Dr Annaleigh Margey, ‘Changing landscapes: the impact of plantation on Gaelic Ulster’, IHS Lecture, Boston College, Dublin.

12 November

New Histories of Medieval and Renaissance Italy, School of History & Archives, UCD.
12 – 14 November

Representations: image, word and artefact, Imbas, NUIG.

15 – 17 November

Richard FitzRalph: His Life, Times, and Thought. NUIM.

20 November

Plantation and Retribution: Ulster 1610-1641, Ulster Local History Trust, Armagh.

26 – 28 November

Early medieval settlements in North-west Europe, AD400-1100, UCD.

30 November

Deadline for proposals: XIV International Congress of Celtic Studies, Maynooth, 1-5 August 2011.

Deadline for proposals: God’s word in English: the King James version as Translation, Belguim, 24-25 March 2011.

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