Event: 15th International Saga Conference, Aarhus, 2012

15th International Saga Conference,
Aarhus University
5th – 11th August 2012

Attached is the first general circular concerning The 15th International Saga Conference in Aarhus 2012.

The theme of the conference is Sagas and the Use of the Past. There will be seven sessions, namely Memory and Fiction, Textuality and Manuscript Transmission, Oral Tradition, Genre and Concepts of History, Myth and Reality, The Christianisation of Denmark and Eastern Scandinavia, and The Use of Sagas and Eddas in the 21st Century.

PDF of First Circular – click here.

You may find further information about the conference at http://www.sagaconference.au.dk/

If you want to have your address added to the Saga Conference mailing list, please send an email to: sagaconference@hum.au.dk

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