CFP: Representations of Scottish Authority to 1603: Intentions & Use, University of Stirling, 29 Jun 2011

Closing date for proposals 6th May 2011

Representations of Scottish Authority to 1603: Intentions & Use  [Workshop One]
University of Stirling
29th JUNE 2011

What use is it to be given authority over man and land if others don’t know about it? Furthermore, what use is that authority if those who know about it do not respect it? These questions have been crucial since regulations for governance entered society. In the years prior to 1603 Scotland developed a unique relationship between the people and its figures of authority. The aim of this workshop is to open up a debate on the purposes and methods used to present this authority in Scotland before the union of the crowns in 1603.

Key-note Speaker: Dr Sally Rush, University of Glasgow.

We would welcome 200 word proposals for 20 minute papers, from any discipline and any research level, considering the above topic to reach us by the Fri 6th May.

[This is a postgraduate organised event and, with the assistance of the Strathmartine Trust, we hope to offer a number of small travel bursaries to Postgraduate students who speak at this event.]

Katherine Buchanan
University of Stirling
School of Arts and Humanities
History and Politics
Centre of Environmental History and Policy

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