CFP: 5th International ‘Disease, Disability and Healing’ workshop, University of Nottingham, 3 – 4 Dec 2011

Closing date for proposals: 30th September 2011

5th International ‘Disease, Disability and Healing’ workshop
University of Nottingham
3rd – 4th December 2011

Call for papers for the  5th international ‘Disease, Disability and Healing’ workshop. The date is the 3rd and 4th of December 2011 and the workshop will be hosted by the University of Nottingham.

The ‘Disease, Disability and Medicine’ workshops have been a leading UK interdisciplinary forum for scholars working in a variety of disciplines and regions of Medieval Europe.  For this year’s workshop we are inviting both scholars in Medieval Studies and Antiquity.

The topic for the 5th workshop is:  ‘Economies of Disease & Disability from Antiquity to the Middle Ages’ .

The current economic climate is seeing a renegotiation of the parameters of disability; similar renegotiations must have happened in previous centuries. This workshop will address the following: how did wealth and economy impact on the lives of the impaired their carers and their dependants in Antiquity and Medieval Europe?  We are inviting contributions from any discipline related to medical humanities.

Proposals are invited for any aspect of health and wealth,  which may include the following topics:

– poverty and disability (is disability wealth-related?)

– definitions of disability

– benefits/ charity and charitable institutions for the impaired

– health economies

– the economic impact of epidemics

– the language of disability

– burial and wealth of the impaired

– work and status

Proposals applying contemporary models to medieval and antique evidence and vice versa are also welcome.

Please send abstracts (no more than 500 words) to Dr Christina Lee: by 30th September 2011.

Organising committee:
Dr Christina Lee (University of Nottingham)
Dr Sally Crawford (University of Oxford)

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