Event: ‘Early Modern India: Politics, Philosophy and Representation’, Dublin, 15-16 Mar 2012

‘Early Modern India: Politics, Philosophy and Representation’
Newman House, UCD  and the Chester Beatty Library,
15th-16th March 2012
The schedule is as follows:

 Thursday : Newman House, 85-86 St Stephen’s Green

 10.45 Welcome and opening remarks

 11.00 Sanjay Subrahmanyam (UCLA)

‘Orientalism, Realpolitik, and the Foundation of the Compagnie des Indes’

 11.45 Joan-Pau Rubiés (London School of Economics) ‘Libertine readings of Hinduism’

 12.30 Lunch

 2.00 Frédéric Tinguely (Université de Genève) ‘Difference and Dissimulation: French Representations of Fakirs in the XVIIth Century’

 2.45 Faith Beasley (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire) ‘ ‘Le joli philosophe’: François Bernier and 17th-century French salon culture’

 3.30 Coffee

 4.00 Kapil Raj (EHESS, Paris)

‘The Stranger and the Wanderer: Two Standpoints for Representing South Asia in John Marshall (c.1640-1677) and Edward Ives (d.1786)’

 4.45 Antje Flüchter (University of Heidelberg) ‘Jürgen Andersen and Johann Albrecht von Mandelslo in Mughal India: German travelogues published by Adam Olearius and their Perception in German Discourse’

 5.30 pm Reception

Friday : Chester Beatty Library, Dublin Castle

 10.00 Timothy Walker (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth) ‘Hybridized Indo-Portuguese Medical Culture (1560-1830)’

 10.45 Michiel van Groesen (University of Amsterdam) ‘Americans in Agra: Robert Coverte, Johan Theodore de Bry, and the European Iconography of Mughal India’

 11.30 Dan Carey (NUI Galway)

Closing remarks : Edward Terry’s India

 12.00 Tour of Chester Beatty Library collections

 12.45 Lunch, Silk Road Café, Chester Beatty Library

 Organised by Prof Dan Carey (NUI Galway); Prof Jane Conroy (NUI Galway); Dr Derval Conroy (UCD); Dr Jane Grogan (UCD) Supported by the Moore Institute, NUI Galway; the Andrew Mellon Foundation; UCD seed-funding; the French Embassy.

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