CFP: The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript, Utrecht, 25-28 April 2013

Deadline: 1 August 2012

The Dynamics of the Medieval Manuscript is a cross-European research project which studies the textual, structural and social dynamics of late-medieval multi-text manuscripts (13th-15th centuries), focusing on the highly mobile short verse narratives they contain. A conference devoted to this topic will take place in Utrecht, 25-28 April, 2013. The organizing committee cordially invites proposals for papers (twenty minutes) on late-medieval multi-text codices from across Western Europe.

Possible research questions include:

  • Which principles of organization govern miscellanies?
  • How does the power of authorization (naming of authors, author attribution) function in the transmission and reception of collections, and how do (re)contextualization and textual transmission create an author?
  • What is the importance of multilingual collections for the formation and analysis of culture?
  • How do the different types of book production (workshops, fascicular production) impact on the creation of (and changes in) meaning?
  • How do the different contexts in which short verse narratives find themselves impact upon their contemporary reception and challenge our view of medieval generic categories?

A volume of Conference Proceedings is anticipated.

Proposals for papers (200 words, in English, French or German) should reach the committee by 1 August, 2012, by e-mail addressed to Ms Vera Westra:

Organizing committee:
Bart Besamusca (Utrecht University) Matthias Meyer (University of Vienna) Karen Pratt (King’s College London) Ad Putter (University of Bristol).


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