Event: Crusading and Pilgrimage in the Norman World, Manchester, 10 – 11 Sept 2012

Crusading and Pilgrimage in the Norman World
A two-day symposium – Manchester Metropolitan University

10-11 September, 2012


September 10 (Geoffrey Manton Building, All Saints Campus, MMU)

10.15am – Welcome and Coffee

10.45The Normans and the First Crusade

Paper 1: ‘Contesting the Holy Lance: Normans, Provencals, and the Materiality of Belief on the First Crusade’ – William J. Purkis (Birmingham)

Paper 2: ‘Overlapping Stories: St Evroul and the First Crusade in the Historia ecclesiastica of Orderic Vitalis’Daniel Roach (Exeter)

12.00 – Lunch

1.30Norman rulers and the crusading movement

Paper 1: [Title tbc] – William Aird (Edinburgh)

Paper 2: ‘Roger II and the Second Crusade’ – Jason Roche (MMU)

2.45 – tea and coffee

3.00Normandy, pilgrimage and chronicles

Paper 1: ‘The Landscape of Pilgrimage and Miracles in Norman Narrative Sources’ – Leonie Hicks (Southampton)

Paper 2: ‘Normans and Normannitas in the crusade history of Baudri of Bourgueil’ – Natasha Hodgson (Nottingham Trent)

4.15 – conclusion

September 11
(Geoffrey Manton Building, All Saints Campus, MMU)

9.00 – Coffee

9.30Anglo-Normans on Pilgrimage and Crusade

Paper 1: ‘The Norman influence on Crusaders from Britain and Ireland’ – Kathryn Hurlock (MMU)

Paper 2: ‘The Pilgrimage and Crusading activities of the Anglo-Norman Earls of Chester’ – Andrew Abram (Lampeter)

10.45 – tea and coffee

11.00The Normans, crusade and conquest in the Mediterranean

Paper 1: ‘The Miracle of Intervention of Saints in the Battle of Antioch in the Context of Norman-Byzantine Relations’ – Elizabeth Lapina (Durham)

Paper 2: ‘Norman and Anglo-Norman Participation in the Iberian Reconquista Before and After the First Crusade’ – Lucas Villegas-Aristizabal (Richmond)

12.15 – lunch

1.45 – 2.15 – Round Table

*Attendance at the symposium is free for all, but places must be reserved in advance. If you would like to attend please email Dr Kathryn Hurlock (k.hurlock@mmu.ac.uk) or Dr Paul Oldfield (p.oldfield@mmu.ac.uk) by August 10th.

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