Event: Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, Conference, 13 April 2013

13 April 2013

“The Vikings in the North-West”, Manchester University,


9.30-10.00:Registration and Coffee/Tea.

10.00-10.45:Chris Lewis (KCL) ‘Viking Naming Culture in English Mercia’

10.45-11.30:Gillian Fellows-Jensen (Copenhagen): ‘Viking Influence on the Place-names of Lancashire and Neighbouring Counties: some Reassessments’

11.30-1.00:John Quanrud (Nottingham): ‘Taking Sides: North-western Vikings at the Battle of Tettenhall AD 910’


2.00-2.45:Paul Cavill (Nottingham): ‘Brunanburh and Tradition’

2.45-3.30:David Griffiths (Oxford): ‘The North West as part of the Irish Sea Region: chronology and cultural change 800-1200”


3.50-4.35:William Cook (Lancaster): ‘Observations on the distribution of Viking age stone sculpture in Cumbria’

4.35-5.20:Ian Uzzell: ‘Viking Clothes and Weapons’ (Presentation)

For further details please contact Dr Charles Insley, Department of History, School of Arts, Languages and Cultures, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL; charles.insley@manchester.ac.uk, or see http://www.arts.manchester.ac.uk/mancass/conferences/.



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