Event: Dublin Medieval Society Lecture by Roy Flechner, 25 Apr 2013

Thursday 25 April.

Dr Roy Flechner, UCD
‘Conversion to Christianity and Economic Change in Early Medieval Britain and Ireland: Consequence or Coincidence?’

 Swift Theatre, Trinity College Arts Building, ground floor, 7pm.

 All welcome.


 Dr Roy Flechner is a Lecturer in Early Medieval History in the School of History and Archives UCD. His research explores questions relating to conversion of Early Medieval Europe to Christianity, the emergence of ecclesiastical law, the circulation of texts and contacts between scholars.  His work also examines the way in which the perception and formulation of law was affected by conversion to Christianity and the ways in which laws  might serve as a window onto the process of conversion itself. Recently he has  turned his attention to the social, economic and cultural context of conversion to Christianity under the auspices of an international research network that he founded , Converting the Isles. An international network for the study of conversion to Christianity in the Insular world http://www.asnc.cam.ac.uk/conversion/

Dr Flechner’s edition of the Collection canonum Hibernensis, a highly significant Latin collection of Continental canon law, scriptural and patristic excerpts, as well as Irish synodal and penitential decrees,  is in press.

 His  other recent publications include:

‘The problem of originality in early medieval canon law’. Viator, 43  (2012).
‘St Boniface as Historian: a Continental perspective on the development of the early Anglo-Saxon church’. Anglo-Saxon England, 41  (2012). ‘Patrick’s reasons for leaving Britain’ In: Tome: Studies in Medieval History and Law (Woodbridge, 2011).


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