Event: Birth, Sex & Death, EMREM, University of Birmingham, 23 – 24 May 2013

Birth, Sex and Death: Rites of Passage in the Medieval and Early Modern World,
EMREM Postgraduate Forum Annual Symposium 2013,
University of Birmingham,
Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th May 2013.

Further details available on EMREM website.


To view conference poster, please click here.

Day One – Thursday 23rd May 2013

10.00 Registration & Refreshments
11.00 Welcome Address

11.15-12.45 Panel 1: An Adaptable Institution? Marital Traditions & Innovations

Rosa Goodman (Oxford) – Sex and the City: Understanding Quattrocento Cassoni through a Civic Lens
Chloë Hancox (Birmingham) – The marriages of Baroque castrati: normal or abnormal?
Anne Thompson (Warwick) – ‘A woman fitte & meete for that callinge’: an investigation of letters testimonial written on behalf of prospective clergy wives in the reign of Elizabeth


13.30-15.00 Panel 2: Perilous Beginnings: Negotiating Nativities

Elizabeth Sharrett (Birmingham) – Without idolatry or superstition’: Re-forming childbed rituals in post-Reformation drama
Sarah Fox (Manchester) – Continuity and Tradition: the ‘peculiar rites and customs’ of childbirth in the Long Eighteenth Century
Elaine Hoysted (Cork) – Death in Childbirth: A Privileged Status for the Renaissance Florentine Woman? A Case Study of Giovanna degli Albizzi Tornabuoni


15.30-17.00 Panel 3: Living With Death: Anticipation & Narration

Beth Spacey (Birmingham) – Interfacing with the dead in Latin narrative histories of the First Crusade
Geoffrey Humble (Birmingham) – Dying in the ‘Outer Darkness’? Reading Elements of Cultural Identities in Death Narratives from the Yuanshi (元史, History of the Yuan Dynasty)
Sarah Dickinson (Gloucestershire) – Preparation and Performance: Puritan Experiences of Dying in Early Modern England

Wine Reception

Day Two – Friday 24th May 2013

10.30 Registration & Refreshments

11.00-12.30 Panel 4: Pleasures of the Flesh: Sexual (Ir)regularities

Martin Laidlaw (Dundee) – ‘If gold ruste’: The medieval theological quandary of lascivious priests and avaricious clergy
Claire Harrill (York) – ‘he wald have fukkit’: The realities of sex in courtly love in the poetry of William Dunbar
Raymond Carlson (Cambridge) – Tullia d’Aragona and the regulation of Florentine homosocial networks


13.30-15.00 Panel 5: Liminality & Immorality

Maria Cannon (Northumbria) – Rite of Passage or gradual renegotiation? Parenting adult children in early modern English society
Helen Drew (Nottingham Trent) – Community, Morality and Reality in Nottinghamshire: Preliminary evidence from the Presentment Bills submitted before the church courts of the Deanery of Bingham, 1580-1640
Rhian McLaughlin (York) – Moral murders and callous courtship: attitudes towards homicide and raptus in late-medieval England


15.30-17.00 Panel 6: Immortalised or Utilised? Memory & Manipulation

Rebecca Holdorph (Southampton) – Managing Memory: The Many Memorials to Blanche of Lancaster
Gail Mobley (Birmingham) – Preservation and Regeneration in Seventeenth-century Commemoration: Literary Inheritance
Laura Torrado (Vigo/Belfast) – Songs to Remember the Dearly Departed: The Old English elegies as a memorial practice

Closing Address

Registration Open.

To register for free, please fill out the EMREM Symposium 2013 Reg Form and return it to us at emremforum@googlemail.com as soon as possible, as there are limited places available. If you have any trouble with the link to the registration form, please send us an e-mail to the above address and we will send it to you directly.


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