Event: Celtic Legal Procedure, Oxford University, 9 May 2013

Celtic Legal Procedure,
Oxford University,
9th May 2013

Thursday 9 May 2013
Habakkuk Room, Jesus College, Oxford

09:00–09:30 Welcome Note & Opening Speech
SESSION 1: chaired by Prof. Liam Breatnach
09:30–10:15 Mr Fern Qiu Fangzhe “Legal Narrative and Law: a study of the first part ofDin Techtugud (On Legal Entry)”
10:15–11:00 Ms Hanne-Mette Alsos Raae “Legal Entry for Women in Early Medieval Ireland”

11:00–11:30 Tea

SESSION 2: chaired by Ms Jaqueline Bemmer
11:30–12:15 Ms Riona Doolan “The Legal Procedure with Regard to Milling Rights inCoibnes Uisci Thairidne (Kinship of Conducted Water)”
12:15–13:00 Dr Christopher Guy Yocum “Pledges and Sureties in Finnṡruith Fíthail (The Fair Stream of Fithal)”

13:00–14:30 Lunch

SESSION 3: chaired by Prof. Emeritus Thomas Charles-Edwards
14:30–15:15 Prof. Christophe Archan “The Five Paths to a Judge: an Interpretation of Cóic Conara Fugill (Five Paths to Judgement)”
15:15–16:00 Mr Lee Ramsay “Wild animal values and legal entitlement: beaverskin-mania in late medieval Britain”

16:00–16:30 Tea

SESSION 4: chaired by Prof. Emerita Wendy Davies
16:30–17:15 Prof. Fergus Kelly “Procedure in Early Irish Law: The Role of Witnesses”
17:15–18:00 Prof. Soazick Kerneis “Procedure in the Excerpta de Libris Romanorum et Francorum: the Role of Witnesses”
18:00: Closing Remarks
Enquiries to: jaqueline.bemmer@history.ox.ac.uk 

All welcome!

Acknowledgements: Maison Française d’Oxford ; Centre d’Histoire et d’Anthropologie du Droit, Université Paris Ouest Nanterre-La Défense; Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature; Jesus College, Oxford


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