CFP: Disease, Disability and Medicine in Medieval Europe, Georgia Regents University, Augusta GA

Deadline: 1 July 2013

Disease, Disability, and Medicine in Medieval Europe (AD 400-1600) Workshop, December 5-8, 2013 at Georgia Regents University, Augusta, GA; 300 word abstracts due: July 1, 2013

Theme: Defining Health and Non-Heath, Ability and Disability

Scholars use these terms all the time – unhealthy, disabled – but what do they mean? Various scholars in history, literature, archaeology, languages, sociology, health humanities, and other disciplines have attempted in recent years to define one or both of these terms. Is an individual disabled when he cannot economically support himself? Or is it when she is rejected by society? Can an individual be socially disabled-and if so, what do we mean by that? Is anyone healthy? Is that possible? If not, what does it mean to be unhealthy? If everyone experiences pain, what is chronic pain? Do we need to make all of these terms a gradient of experience?

These are the questions-and we certain do not intend to limit you or the conference to only these-to which we want to turn our attention at this year’s conference. Irina Metzler problematized the question of what it means to be impaired and disabled. Joshua Eyler and Edward Wheatley responded to Metzler’s definitions with their own, which other investigators struggled to absorb. Wendy Turner, Julie Singer, and others have also responded by presenting other webs and spectra of terminology.

The issue has become that modern terminology does not work for the past and only barely works for the present, meaning that the terminology is not working.

Tentative Schedule

Thursday, December 5: Welcome, early arrivals reception; Friday, December 6: Papers, Lunch, Papers, Guest Speaker, Dinner; Saturday, December 7: Papers, Guest Speaker, Lunch, Papers, Roundtable, Discussion, Reception; Sunday, December 8: Tour of Augusta

Guest Speakers: Dr Christina Lee, Associate Professor of English at the University of Nottingham, England, and Dr Edward Wheatley, Professor of English at Loyola University Chicago

Please send 300 word abstracts and contact information to:Wendy J. Turner, Professor of History, Georgia Regents University;


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