Employment: Associate Professor in Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology, Aarhus University.

Closing date 3rd June 2013

Associate Professor in Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology,
Aarhus University.

The Archaeology Programme at the Department of Culture and Society invites applications for an associate professorship in medieval and renaissance archaeology. The associate professorship begins on 1 January 2014 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The position
Aarhus University are seeking a dedicated archaeologist who will contribute to the university’s core activities in the areas of research, teaching, talent development and knowledge exchange. The position involves research, supervision and teaching in medieval and modern culture, with special emphasis on buildings archaeology. Applicants should be prepared to teach at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in archaeology, including courses in the broader field of cultural history, and courses on theory and methodology, as well as to contribute to developing teaching in communication of cultural history rooted in the environment at Moesgård. The successful applicant will be expected to contribute to developing the programmes and, in cooperation with other relevant programmes at the department, to developing joint initiatives. The successful applicant will also be expected to have ambitious research goals that can result in international projects and excellent research. Please see this webpage.

For more information on the position, please contact Associate Professor Mette Svart Kristiansen, markmsk@hum.au.dk or tel. +45 87 16 20 84.

Qualification requirements
Applicants for the associate professorship must have a doctoral degree in medieval archaeology or equivalent degree. Applicants must have scholarly qualifications at an international level and teaching qualifications equivalent to those acquired in an assistant professorship.
Applicants must also document

  • an internationally oriented research and publication profile
  • participation in national and international research networks
  • experience with or an interest in communication and knowledge exchange
  • extensive teaching experience, including experience with innovative teaching methods, such as involvement of students, IT-based courses and teaching development
  • experience with interdisciplinary collaboration as well as interdisciplinary research and teaching
  • experience in supervising student projects and an interest in researcher talent development.

Applicants are also expected to contribute to the department’s academic environment. Participation in the daily life of the programme is a high priority, and we emphasise the importance of good working relationships, both among colleagues and to our students.

If the successful applicant is not fluent in Danish, he or she will be expected to learn Danish within a period of approximately two years.

For more information about the application and the employment procedure, please contact HR partner Louise Søndergaard, tel. +45 40 48 43 69, email: ls@hum.au.dk.

The Archaeology Programme, which consists of both Prehistoric Archaeology and Medieval and Renaissance Archaeology, is concerned with people, culture and society from the earliest to modern times with a focus on studies of material culture. Our understanding of human societies is enriched and challenged by fieldwork and empirical, methodological and theoretical approaches which draw on a range of fields, such as anthropology, history and the natural sciences. Archaeology at AU is internationally recognised and has a strong network of relationships with research environments in Denmark and abroad. A dynamic study and research environment that shares a unique space with Moesgaard Museum, one of the largest museums of cultural history in Denmark, offers a framework for major research projects, international conferences and visiting professors.

The programme offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in medieval and renaissance archaeology as well as a range of electives and special courses, including Viking Age Summer University. For a more detailed description of the programme, please see this webpage.

Department of Culture and Society
Archaeology is anchored at the Department of Culture and Society, where the object of research and teaching is the interplay between culture and society in time and space:

  • from the traditional disciplines of the humanities and theology to applied social research
  • from antiquity to the issues facing contemporary societies
  • from familiar Danish cultural forms to other – and very different – worlds
  • from local questions to global challenges.

The department’s goal is to produce compelling research with international resonance and visibility, as well as to offer high-quality undergraduate and post-graduate study programmes. The department is closely linked to society, both in Denmark and abroad, and contributes to social innovation, research communication and further and continuing education.

For a more detailed description of the department, please see this webpage.

The Faculty of Arts
The Faculty of Arts was formed through the merger of the former main academic areas: The Faculty of Humanities, The Faculty of Theology and the Danish School of Education. Arts brings together humanistic, theological and pedagogical knowledge in order to strengthen Aarhus University in the areas of research, talent development, knowledge exchange and education. For more information, please see this webpage.

 Read the full job description and apply online here: http://humaniora.au.dk/en/news/jobs/academic/

 Application deadline: 3/6/2013


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