CFP: Erotic Flesh in Late Medieval Discourse, Panel for New Chaucer Society

Deadline: 1 June 2o13

New Chaucer Society, 2014 Congress – Reykjavík, Iceland, 16-20 July 2014: http://artsci.wustl. edu/~chaucer/congress/reykjavik2014.php. Papers are invited to complete a special session on erotics. Please send abstracts of one page or less to the organizers by 1 June 2013. Organizers: Virginia Blanton ( and Mary Beth Long (

Chaucer’s interest in erotics has long been noted regarding the fabliaux and romances, and it is perhaps germane, if unexpected, that the NCS will convene in Reykjavík, which has recently attracted attention as the new site of the Phallological Museum. This panel is interested in less-straightforward, less-conventional attention to late-medieval erotics by interrogating the ways in which medieval anxieties about sex, sexuality, and eroticism are a (hidden, submerged, covered) feature of late medieval discursive space. We seek papers from a range of disciplines that address these anxieties in texts where we might not expect to encounter them (e.g., sermons that titillate even as they denigrate sexual behavior, theological treatises that engage the senses even as they denounce the sensory, or sacred visual texts that excite the viewer).

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