Event: Authority and Resistance in the Age of Magna Carta, Aberystwyth University, Sept 2013

Authority and Resistance in the Age of Magna Carta,
Thirteenth-Century England: Plantagent Britain and its Neighbours (XV),
Department of History and Welsh History, Aberystwyth University,
Monday, September 2 2013 – Thursday, September 5 2013.

To many outside observers, thirteenth-century Englishmen seemed oddly prone to rebel against their kings, and were generally perceived as obstreperous and easily incited to violence against figures of authority. The conference takes this image of the rebellious English as starting point for exploring the theory and practice, the means and methods, but also the challenges to and debates about authority during the long thirteenth century. It brings together an international group of experts (from Germany, New Zealand, the UK and the US), art historians, historians and literary scholars, and treats questions of authority in relatioin to politics, but also historical writing, theology, manuscript illumination, religious movements and forms of piety, and much more. Further details (a draft programme, booking forms, etc., are available from the web page below).



Janet Burton, University of Wales Trinity St. David
Phillipp Schofield, Aberystwyth University
Bjorn Weiler, Aberystwyth University

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