Event, New Bownde: New Scholarship in Early Modern Binding

15-16 August 2013

This two-day conference is hosted by the Folger Shakespeare Library and explores new tools for the study of English and Continental bookbinding and shares new scholarship in the materiality of the book. New Bownde: New Scholarship in Early Modern Binding marks the culmination of a two year project to build an online database of binding images from the Folger collection. To date, the database contains more than 4,000 images of primarily early modern bindings, originating from England, Italy, France, Germany, and the Low Countries.

In recent years a number of major resources of this kind have been developed, including binding databases at the British Library, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, University of the Arts London, Universities of Toronto and Uppsala and others, and, now, at the Folger Shakespeare Library. Over two days historians, librarians, and conservators explore how these tools are being used and how they are transforming our understanding of early modern book history. Sessions include new scholarship in the field, as well as discussions of the interoperability of existing resources and their combined power to support new research.

Scholars from seven different countries will present their research and four international bookbinding experts will conduct workshops in which different bookbinding databases will be discussed.

The conference is preceded by an extra workshop on Wednesday 14 August. Dr Lieve Watteeuw (Illuminare, Centre for the Study of Medieval Arts, KU Leuven, Belgium) and Dr Hendrik Hameeuw (Ancient Near Eastern Studies, KU Leuven, Belgium) will demonstrate the Mini-dome, an innovative digital imaging tool which uses omnimulti-directional lighting to create ‘digital rubbings’ of bookbindings. For more information about the Mini-dome, see the the pdf document in the menu on the right hand side

Delegates should register before 1 August 2013 separately for the pre-conference workshop, the conference and the conference dinner. Please see http://www.folger.edu/template.cfm?cid=4498 for further details.


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