News: Zeno Karl Schindler/Claudio Leonardi Scholarship for Medieval Latin

Deadline: 1 September 2013

(Borsa Claudio Leonardi della Fondazione Schindler per il Mediolatino)

The Claudio Leonardi Stipend of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation for Medieval Latin aims  to support young researchers within the ­eld of Medieval Studies as well as progress in  research and, in particular, research undertaken by new generations of scholars, to honor the memory of Claudio Leonardi (1926-2010), founder and ­rst President of SISMEL (Società internazionale per lo studio del Medio Evo latino).

The scholarship will allow a researcher (PhD, postdoc) to spend time abroad for a period of three to six months with a contribution of 2000 Swiss francs per month. In addition, the candidate is eligible for a grant of 3000 Swiss francs for the costs of publication of his doctoral thesis or another scienti­c postdoc publication.There is a commitment to indicate this contribution in the publication to print the following (“published with the support of the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation”).

The noti­cation is published annually on the website of SISMEL, at least twice a year, for its members and colleagues working in the ­eld of research in Medieval Latin at an international level.

The candidacies (with Curriculum vitae, project description and justi­cation of the stay abroad) must be sent before 1st September of each year, via email to Prof. Jean-Yves Tilliette, Langue et littérature médiévales latines, Université de Genève (

They will thence be submitted to the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation board for decision. The distribution of the scholarship will be held during SISMEL’s General Meeting held in spring of every year. The laureate will then have the opportunity to give a ­fifteen-minute presentation on his/her research or on particular aspects of that research. Applications must reach the Prof. Jean-Yves Tilliette by the 1st of September of the preceding year.


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