CFP: new approaches to historical memory in Renaissance cities, 12th International Conference on Urban History

Closing date for proposals (online submission): 15th October, 2013

Archives, Architecture and Antiquarianism: new approaches to historical memory in Renaissance cities
Cities in Europe, Cities in the World.
12th International Conference on Urban History, EAUH,
Lisbon, 3th-6th September 2014.

The session focuses on the theme of historical memory in the cities during Renaissance. In particular, it builds on recent interest for the history of archives, for the historically changing ways of producing and preserving documentation, and for local urban and architectural responses to antiquity, to consider with an interdisciplinary and comparative approach different cases and methods of preserving and using knowledge about the past and awareness of its importance in the urban centres of Italy and Europe between the XIV and XVI centuries. The historical memory of cities was expressed both in documents and in monuments, both from antiquity and from the more recent past. In turn, through specific programmes of decoration and storage, documents were monumentalised, while monuments were strategically used by urban communities as a living testament to the ancient origins of the city and increasingly discussed as themselves documents of the past by antiquarians who also often worked in archives.

How were these literary and material sources used to construct a sense of a city’s own identity? How did such use differ from the practices of central states and, say, royal historiographers?

The session calls for papers relating to the creation and organization of city archives, the existence of places and methods of preserving documents before the creation of a stable archive, as well as the compilation of documentary registers and of antiquarian histories of a particular city. Attention will also be devoted on how historical memory affected the urban development of a city, for example through the choice of a particular site for the creation of an archive or because of the need to preserve and/or re-use an element of historical relevance. The session will also consider other forms of preserving historical memory, for example the public display of “memories” by single members of the élite as well as by wider urban communities.
To submit a paper proposal, registration is required.

The online submission form can be found at until October 15, 2013.

After this deadline, session coordinators will make a selection of accepted proposals and authors will be notified about their decision by December 15, 2013.

Session Organizers:
Bianca de Divitiis (Italy) ERC/Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Filippo De Vivo (UK) ERC/ Birbeck College, London


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