Employment: Senior Lecturer Irish, Poznan, Poland

Closing date 31st August 2013

Senior Lecturer Irish,
The Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures,
Adam Mickiewicz University,
Poznan, Poland.

DESCRIPTION (field, expectations, comments): The Department of Celtic Languages and Literatures invites applications from Senior Lecturer candidates with the following qualifications: at least an MA degree obtained or officially validated in Poland, and either a PhD degree or an advanced PhD process with good prospects of obtaining the degree in the near future; a record of research experience (documented with a list of publications, if any, and papers presented at professional conferences); a practical command of Irish (and, optionally, other modern Celtic languages); experience in language teaching from beginner through advanced levels; general linguistic expertise; an advanced knowledge of the synchronic grammar and the history of the Celtic languages; familiarity with issues concerning the culture, history, and literatures of the Celtic nations. The position involves carrying out extracurricular duties (e.g. work on syllabi). The candidate should be a reliable academic teacher, creative and prepared to work flexible hours. It is expected of prospective Senior Lecturers that they should systematically improve their qualifications, engage in research work, have good relations with their students and encourage them to take part in the activities of the Department. Other duties will include help in the organisation of conferences and cultural events in the Department, supporting the activity of the students’ reading group, and editorial work on the departmental journal.

Further details about the post available here.

Prospective candidates may contact (mhornsby@wa.amu.edu.pl) and Piotr Gasiorowski (gpiotr@wa.amu.edu.pl)


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