News: DiXiT, PhD and Post-Doc Fellowships, Digital Scholarly Editions

 DiXiT are delighted to announce that the Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network (DiXiT) has been awarded a multi-million Euro European grant for investigating the creation and publication of digital scholarly editions.

DiXiT is an international network of high-profile institutions from the public and the private sector offering a coordinated training and research programme for early stage researchers and experienced researchers in the multi-disciplinary skills, technologies, theories, and methods of digital scholarly editing.

The programme includes twelve fellowships for early stage researchers (PhD students) for a period of three years, and five fellowships for experienced researchers (Post-Docs) for a period of 12 to 20 months. The positions will be widely advertised starting from the month of October.

DiXiT will also organise six training events at various levels (camps & conventions), open to all DiXiT fellows as well as to other people that may be interested in the topics covered.

The DiXiT network includes the following academic partners:
• University of Cologne (coordinator) – Germany
• University of Borås – Sweden
• Huygens Institute (Huygens ING) – The Netherlands
• King’s College London – UK
• University of Antwerp – Belgium
• University of Graz – Austria
• Trinity College Dublin – Ireland
• École des Haute Études en Sciences Sociales – France
• Università di Roma “La Sapienza” – Italy
• University of Oxford – UK

Private sector partners include software development companies, publishing houses and service providers. Moreover, DiXiT will closely collaborate with DARIAH, TEI-C, ESTS, Wikimedia, IDE, national libraries etc.

DiXiT is funded under Marie Curie Actions within the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme. It runs from September 2013 until August 2017.

Further details:


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