Event: The World of Manuscripts, Reykjavík, 10th-13th October 2013

Closing date for registration 15th Septemer

The World of Manuscripts,
10th-13th October 2013. 

The aim of this conference is to commemorate Árni Magnússon himself, showcase his manuscripts, and underline the national and international significance of his endowment. Beyond this, the intention of the conference organisers is to bring Scandinavian manuscript scholars together with their counterparts in non-Scandinavian countries. The hope is that the exchange of ideas and knowledge will be particularly fruitful through being conducted from a broader, comparative international framework. The structure of the individual sessions is designed to stimulate exchange to this end: in each session, one Scandinavian scholar will be paired with one non-Scandinavian specialist. Currently, we have scheduled eight sessions with the following headings: Materiality, Letters, Languages, Notes/Neumes, Texts, Colours, Collectors, Highlights from the Árni Magnússon collection of manuscripts.

It is hoped too that the conference as a whole will stimulate interest and engagement amongst the general public in Iceland. Certain events will thus be open to everyone and the themes of these open lectures/sessions are intended to appeal and be accessible to non-specialists.

There is no conference fee but registration is required (deadline for registration: 15thSeptember 2013). All participants are also invited to sign up for the closing conference dinner on the evening Saturday 12th October and an excursion on Sunday 13th October.

Please contact Rósa Sveinsdóttir (rosasve@hi.is) or Margrét Eggertsdóttir (megg@hi.is) with any questions


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