CFP: Beyond the Grave, Limerick, April 2014

Closing date for proposlas: 15th December 2013

Beyond the Grave ; The social and physical acts surrounding death and burials in both modern and ancient Ireland,
25th -27th April 2014.

Limerick City Archives and Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, are holding a conference on the rituals and physical aspects of death and burials in Ireland. The conference will take place on the 25th -27th April 2014 in Limerick City, Ireland. This conference aims to explore various aspects of death and burial. Subjects ranging from social, political and religious view points; the physical act of burial; graveyard studies; genealogy; iconography; typography; cartography; cultural heritage; how to conserve and develop graveyards for our future.

We welcome research papers from all professional and academic fields concerned with funerals, graveyards, cemeteries, and the cultural heritage which surrounds them.

Proposals should not exceed 500 words and should include a title, a brief description of the proposed paper, and a brief biography of the authors background.

Key Dates:
Deadline for submission of papers: 15 December 2013
Draft of papers for inclusion announced: 1 March 2014
Conference to be held: 25th -27th April 2014
Papers to be submitted to


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