News: Medium Aevum Essay Prize

Deadline: 12 December 2013

In 2007, The Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature established the Medium Ævum Essay Prize. The competition is run annually, with postgraduates and those recently graduated with a higher degree invited to submit an essay on a topic that falls within the range of the interests of Medium Ævum in the medieval period (up to c. 1500). The prize is £250. In addition, the winning article may be considered for publication in Medium Ævum, subject to the usual editorial procedures of the journal.

A list of previous Essay Prize Winners is downloadable here.

Each year, the deadline for Essay Prize falls on the second Thursday in December. So, in 2013, the closing date will be 12 December. The rules of the competition are available here as a pdf file. As you will see, it is a requirement to submit an entry with a completed cover sheet, which is also available, in Word doc format. Any queries can be directed to Executive Officer of the Society.


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