Event: The North Atlantic Archaeology Symposium, Copenhagen, 26 -27 Sept 2013

The North Atlantic Archaeology Symposium:
Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages,
26th-27th of September 2013.

During the Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages the Orkney Islands, Shetland, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland saw colonisations of settlers from Western and Northern Europe. The culture and traditions, subsistence systems and livelihood are themes, which today are of main interest for the field of North Atlantic Archaeology.

The North Atlantic Archaeological Symposium on the Viking Age, and Early Middle Age in the North Atlantic, will centre on new archaeological research results, analysis and excavations, and work, which put the topic of the symposium in perspective.

The main goal of the North Atlantic Archaeology Symposium 2013 is to shed light on new developments, create focus on the issues facing North Atlantic archaeology, and to open up for discussions and new perspectives on the archaeology of the North Atlantic in relation to human material, landscapes and environment, resources and the tool of communication.

Programme and further details available here.


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