Event: Cambridge Bibliographical Society Talks 2013-2014

Milstein Seminar Rooms, Cambridge University Library, 5:00 pm (except where noted). Tea from 4:30 pm before the lectures.

    Wednesday, 20 November, Professor David McKitterick (Librarian and Vice-Master at Trinity College Cambridge), ‘What is the use of books without pictures? Empty space in early printed books’
    Wednesday, 12 February, Dr Anke Timmermann (Munby Fellow), ‘Pictorial transformations: alchemy and images in Cambridge manuscripts’
    Wednesday, 14 May, Professor Mirjam Foot (Professor Emeritus at University College, London), ‘Samuel Sandars (1837–1894): a taste for fine bindings’
    Wednesday, 11 June, Mark Purcell (Curator of Libraries, the National Trust), ‘Clumber: the rise and fall of a great ducal library’
    Wednesday, 9 July, 4:00 pm, Syndicate Room, Fitzwilliam Museum, A private view of manuscripts and books in the Founder’s Library followed by tea and the Annual General Meeting in the Syndicate Room
The Sandars Reader for 2014 is Professor Nigel Morgan (Emeritus Honorary Professor of the History of Art, University of Cambridge) who will lecture on ‘Samuel Sandars as collector of illuminated manuscripts’ [provisional title]. The lectures will be given on Wednesday 26 February, Wednesday 5 March, and Wednesday 12 March at 5:00 pm in the Milstein Seminar Rooms, Cambridge University Library.

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