Event: Outing Outsiders: Exclusion in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, TCD’s Long Room Hub, 24-25 January 2014

Friday 24 January

4.30-6.30 pm

  1. Raina Howe (NUIG)- “Out of these wastes in small companies or great…”: The Woodkerne of John Derricke’s ‘Image of Ireland
  2. Stuart Morrison (Uni. Kent) – Mystical Wolves: the demonization and exclusion of Catholics in early modern print
  3. Ilya Afansayev (Oxford) – Creating outsiders?: the interplay between Christian universalism and ethnic stereotypes in twelfth-century Europe.
  4. Carla Lessing (NUIG)- Degenerate Englishmen: The representation of the English born in Ireland under the Tudor monarchs.

Keynote Speaker: 7 pm – Professor Patricia Skinner (Research Professor in Arts & Humanities/Wellcome Research Fellow in the History of Medicine at Swansea University): Putting on a Brave Face? The disfigured as outsiders in early medieval Europe

Followed by a drinks reception

Saturday 25 January


  1. Gregory Hulsman (TCD) – And ƿus bastard braunchis shulde be kutt fro ƿis tree:” A Lollard Conception of Social Reform
  1. Tadhg O hAnnrachain (UCD) – Contested Boundaries: Hostilities between Jesuit missionaries and Bosnian Franciscans in the Balkans 1612-1650
  2. Corinna Burrell (KCL)- “Material Identity, Metamorphosis, and the Violent Image in Sir Orfeo

Coffee Break 11.30-11.45


  1. Emmett O Byrne (C.I.T.) – Beyond the Pale and resisting Civility – The career of Rory Oge O’More
  2. Matthew Stevens (Swansea) – English law and the formation of Welsh identity: social solidarity and exclusion in late medieval Wales.
  3. Yvonne Seale – (Uni. Iowa) “On the Edge: Women and the Formation of the Premonstratensian Order.”

Lunch 1.15-2.00


  1. Kenneth Austin (Bristol) – Outsiders Reconsidered: Jews and Judaism in Reformation Europe
  2. Jenn Bartlett (York)- An Outsider on the Inside: Ralph Cavelario the Intellectual Immigrant
  3. Sarah Russell (Uni. Western Australia) – Outing their depravity: exclusionary process as emotional process during the Albigensian crusade.

Coffee Break 3.30-3.45


  1. Stephen Harrison (TCD) – Becoming Insiders? Objects, space and the early Hiberno-Norse experience.
  2. Terry O Hagan (UCD) – Exclusive Exclusion – From the Inside Out: Excluding the future by including the past in early Patrician hagiography
  3. Yvonne McDermott (GMIT)- On the margins: lepers and leprosy in medieval Galway

Symposium ends

For details please contact kennygi@tcd.ie


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