Event: Early English Text Society Workshop on Editing

EETS has organised a workshop (20-21 May) for graduate students at any stage and for any postdoctoral scholars who would like to attend. The workshop aims to encourage a new generation to learn more about editing, to ensure that the Society can keep publishing accomplished editions for years to come.

Textuality in Transition is a workshop for graduate students and recently postdoctoral scholars. It is part of the celebrations of the 150th birthday of the Early English Text Society, which for a century and a half has edited Old and Middle English and Older Scots literature for modern readers. It will introduce the theory and practice of editing to a new generation of students of English language, literature and manuscripts studies, to enable them to take up editing projects for themselves. It will involve lectures, discussions and practical exercises in editing in groups. The course will be led by the members of the Council of the Early English Text Society and others, including Richard Beadle, Julia Boffey, Richard Dance, Susan Irvine, William Marx, Andy Orchard, Ad Putter, Jeremy Smith and H. L. Spencer.

More information can be found on the Society’s website http://www.eets.org.uk/ under the heading “2014 Anniversary”. There is a webpage for registration:




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